Phase 3

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Over the past 10-15 years the church has invested in excess of £250,000 on a series of repairs to the main church (Grade 2*) all of which has been funded by the giving of the congregation.

ChurchExteriorIn 2012 the church carried out a £400,000 internal reordering project of the main church. The pews were removed and under floor heating was installed; again all the works were funded by the congregation.

In October 2014 work commenced on the repair of the church spire, a project that will cost a further £250,000. The church has been fortunate to secure £150,000 from external grant bodies, the remaining figure raised internally by the congregation.

However, there is now the urgent need to resolve the issues faced by the church with regard to the 1960s and 1980s ancillary accommodation (hall, lounge, offices, kitchen, toilets etc).

The problems can be summarised as follows:

  • The buildings are now in urgent need of refurbishment.
  • The internal layout of the accommodation is inefficient with poor internal circulation creating conflicts in use that prevent a number of activities from operating simultaneously. There is a lack of smaller meeting rooms that could be used by church and community groups. At present, at peak times on Sundays, some groups have to meet off site.
  • The office accommodation is extremely congested with insufficient office space for employed and volunteer staff.

The PCC believe that Platt should be doing more in the area of outreach but is thwarted by the lack of suitable spaces for activities that they would like to accommodate.

All of this requires a number of different sized spaces which are flexible and are able to serve a variety of uses and users, and over the past 2-3 years the Church has been looking at all existing
spaces and buildings and how they function.

The proposed alterations are designed to meet the need for the immediate repairs and a step change to accommodate the changing needs of the Church.


The issue


Moving through rooms to get to other rooms causes disruption and limits how many things can go on at Platt at the same time.


The idea


A new breakout space from the main church from which all other rooms can be easily accessed.


Summary of the proposals

  • A new entrance lobby and block containing toilets and a kitchen is located at the southern end of the halls. A section of the 1960s and 80s building will be removed to allow the new works.
  • A series of internal adaptations are proposed that allow the main spaces to be subdivided to provide additional meeting space, both fixed and flexible to meet the vision of the church moving forward. The new layout allows various rooms to function without disruption, increasing the number of events that the church can simultaneously host.
  • The introduction of glazing to provide views of the East Window from the current Lounge. This proposal not only provides a visual connection with the main church but significantly increases the amount of daylight this space receives. Currently the lounge is very dark and unwelcoming.

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