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Update Aug 2011

After a period of consideration the Chancellor has referred our plans to the Church Building Council (CBC). They have 6 weeks to respond to his request. Given the delay incurred in moving this process forward we are not planning on any building work being done this year. The time constraints (were a positive response received) would not allow us to complete Phase One before Christmas.

We continue to trust in God’s perfect plans in this situation and pray for wisdom and for His will to be done. Please do keep praying for this project and all that God may show and teach us through it.

Update 22nd June 2011

Though we were hoping to have had news at this point we still find ourselves in the position of praying and waiting for the Chancellor’s decision. Whilst this is disappointing we trust in the processes being followed, yet even more so in our sovereign God who’s will and timing is perfect. This is an opportunity to be united in prayer and exercise our faith muscles!

Look out for some specific prayer initiatives to come on the Prayer page, and there are some updated prayer points too.


Update Wed 20th April 2011

There are a few things to update you on this week with news on giving, our vision and… pews.


Message from Steve James;

Praise The Lord! We’ve had some great news this week! Our target for Phase One was £380,000 and the Treasurer informs me that we now have £379, 235 in the bank, with some transactions still to process. It is so encouraging to see answered prayer in this way and to see God’s blessing on our plans.

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Great news

Praise the Lord! The Diocesan Advisory Committee have approved our application for stage one.. under floor heating and chairs… We now await the Chancellor’s decision after a 28 day period of written notice of the works.

That’s one major step forward for us and we are really thankful to the Lord, and to the helpful work of the DAC!

The other good news is that we are getting towards the funding necessary to do the work!

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Message from Michael Baughen March 2011

We’re pleased to share this message, sent in response to news of the project.


Terrific! A great new step for Platt that will help the work of the church leap forward with the better facilities and space. Myrtle and I are excited for you as it will draw everyone out into a new strata of faith and prayer…and giving! Yet, most of all, we trust that the spiritual blessing will outmatch the material, as it did in the building of the new hall in the sixties.

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Update 20 Feb 2011

Your report this week is a little shorter but no more momentous for that!

As you all know we managed to get the heating on in the church. But just so that you know, this is no long-term solution – leaks spring from the old pipes like tears come when you are cutting up onions! And so we have put forward as a PCC our application for a faculty to the Diocesan Committee who deal with it – the DAC.

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Update 6 Feb 2011

By now you will know if we managed to get heating into the church, but as I write we are hopeful that we have succeeded! I did guarantee it but I wasn’t prepared for the thickness of the holes that needed drilling into the church. This is a solid building! But built on the Solid Rock!

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Update 23 Jan 2011

This latest update is to deal with buildings but also to think just a little as to why we are doing it all. It is a big challenge so we need to know our purpose.

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Update 16 Jan 2011

This is the first of a series of updates for the congregation as we progress into 2011 and undertake what is probably the biggest thing we have had to face in some 40 years, in renovating and renewing our buildings! The challenge is daunting as we look at each area. There is much to be done to make all the church buildings right for the 21st century.

The main areas for reporting this week are

  • The Church
  • The Hall and Lounge

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