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Autumn Update

Phase 2: Restoration of the Tower and Spire.

Good News! Early in November, we received confirmation of a grant award of £75,000 from the National Churches Trust.  Previously we have obtained grants totalling almost £87,600 from English Heritage. Together with the £80,000 we already had in the bank (half from gifts surplus to Phase 1), that adds up to £242,600.  And, while the total cost of the project is around £290,000, we are now confident that we can recoup the VAT levied on this project through the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme (since the work represents repairs to a listed building) of around £48,500.

So, the really good news is that the cost of Phase 2 can be, and will be, met without using any of the gifts donated by members of the church family at our Appeal Day last May.  So all those gifts can be used for Phase 3.    Hallelujah!

Phase 3: Renovation of Ancillary Buildings.

Now that work on Phase 2 is underway (and paid for!),  the focus is on Phase 3.  Last Spring, the PCC appointed OMI Architects to draw up potential schemes to upgrade our ancillary accommodation.  Interactions with the Buildings Steering Group and PCC over the summer have led OMI to propose an imaginative draft scheme which was positively received by the PCC in November.   This scheme is now being shared with the Diocese, city planners and specialist engineers, quantity surveyors etc so as to gain a better idea of its feasibility – and cost!    The conclusions will be discussed by the PCC in January.

Thereafter, the draft scheme will be described at an open meeting of the congregation in January/February, when church members will be invited to make comments, criticisms, suggestions, before the final scheme is submitted  by OMI for formal planning permission.

Giving Day – Sunday 18th May

Across the three services at Platt on Sunday 18th May, there will be the opportunity to hear more about the Building for Growth project.  We’ll join together as a church family in thinking about how – and why – we can support Building for Growth with prayer, commitment and sacrificial giving.

Building for Growth – Phases 2 and 3

Phases 2 and 3 of Building for Growth were launched at the APCM on Tuesday 29 April.  You can read about the proposals throughout this site, and we’ll upload a video of the presentation at the meeting as soon as we can.

There will be a special Church Prayer Gathering on Thursday 8th May, a Gift Day on Sunday 18th May and a further briefing on Phase 3 of the project in September.

We’ll also add updates to this site regularly as work on Phases 2 and 3 progress, and an FAQ section will be added to share the responses the team have given to any questions received.

Please pray for the Building for Growth Steering Committee and the PCC as they look at the plans in more detail over the coming weeks.

Update Sept 2012

We’re now back in our church building! We give thanks to God that the refurbishment has been completed and on time. We had a great service of Thanksgiving and Rededication on Sunday 16th Sept, see our video and photos on our website.

Please continue to pray for our Building Team and PCC as they start to look at the plans and timing for Phase Two.

Update 9th August 2012

We’ve been quiet with updates but that’s because the good news is that all is going to plan and we’re delighted to be able to announce details of our Opening Service.

Our opening service of Thanksgiving will be on Sun 16th Sept at 10.30am, followed by a short consecration at 12 noon by the Archdeacon of Manchester, Mark Ashcroft. We hope as many as possible who have been involved in this project will be able to join us on this great occasion.

Please continue to pray for the project and all those still involved in seeing this project to completion, particularly the builders and workmen on site. All involved  have been working really hard and making good progress. To see for yourself check out our media page and the videos showing work to date.


Update April 2012

We  are delighted to share that we received our Faculty for the church re-ordering (subject to caveats). Work is now being done to progress our building project and further details of how we will do church during this period will be added to this site in due course.

We thank God and ask that you would please continue to pray for this project and all those working to take it forward.


Update 19th March 2012

Thanks for all your prayers for the Consistory Court which took place on Saturday. It went smoothly and was encouraging as it could be. The Chancellor committed to make a decision by Easter and we await this but don’t presume what the outcome might be.

Particular thanks to those who came for the court, the Chancellor specifically commented on the level of support shown by the congregation – not usual to have so many there for these hearings. Unfortunately some arrived after ten to find the doors locked. Once in session the court was closed and we had to abide by that stipulation.

Please continue to pray and we will announce any decision received as soon as we can.


Update March 2012

A consistory court is being held in the church on Sat 17th March, commencing at 10am. The Chancellor will hear representations both in favour and objecting to our proposed building work. Do be praying for this and for all involved. If some of you would like to come and support by your presence you are most welcome. (Please arrive at 9.30am for a 10am start.)


Latest update Dec 2011

Chancellor’s decision made

We have heard from the Chancellor regarding our request for a faculty for the re-ordering of the church, indicating that he has decided to resolve the matter by holding a consistory court. He has suggested a possible date of 17th March, yet to be confirmed.

The court is a type of ecclesiastical court and is presided over by the Chancellor. The court can take place in any building and in this case it will take place in the church itself.

Please pray that the issues will present themselves clearly and that the Lord’s will would be done.


Update 26th Sept 2011

We’ve had some really positive news. The Chancellor had referred our proposals to the Church Building Council (CBC) in light of objections raised by heritage organisations. The CBC have visited and taken a detailed look at our building, plans and needs and have now responded to the Chancellor.

They are totally convinced regarding our proposals to remove the pews and install under floor heating and a level floor. This is a great encouragement! There is now a final 28 day period for further submissions before the Chancellor will make his ruling.  He has asked if we are happy for him to determine the matter by written submissions, which we are. This is good for us as it seems this will avoid the need for us to go to Consistory Court.

We thank God for answers to prayer and continue to pray for the progression of our plans.



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